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Barrancabermeja Car Rental

Barrancabermeja is a municipality and city in Santander Department, of northeastern Colombia. Situated on the Magdalena river bank it is 110 km in the west of Bucaramanga. Established in 1536, Barrancabermeja is home to the largest petroleum refinery of Colombia that is owned by Ecopetrol, a state company. The economic activity of the city mostly comprises Petroleum & farming. Due to Colombia’s civil wars in the recent times, Barrancabermeja has been subjected to widespread fighting between several armed groups. The country's biggest guerrilla group, FARC is functional in the countryside.


Barrancabermeja's culture is largely affected by the migratory movements brought about by the oil boom. It is a melting point of several South American customs.Barrancabermeja, because of being an oil boomtown, is a very vibrant and bustling city full of life. However the unending reign of terror, clashes of military nature and high crime rate the city is not a very safe one. The night life, nevertheless, is flourishing. Good Dance Clubs and Bars are plenty in the port area. Caribbean rhythms and Atlantic Coast’s puya rhythms, vallenato and "papayeras" bands are also popular. The port is also the trade hub of the city. Agro products like plantain, cacao, maize and cassava arrive here form the riverside Farms, besides fish. A hired car is the best and safest possible transport mode in this region. Puerto Wilches lies in the north of Barrancabermeja; Simacota, Puerto Parra, and San Vicente de Chucurí lies in the south; Girón and San Vicente de Chucurí in the east; and Magdalena River in the west. By road it takes 2 hours to reach there from Bucaramanga, capital city of Santander.

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