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Malpelo Island Manizales Car Rental

Malpelo Island is located 378 km from the Pacific coast of Colombia and 362 km from the coast of Panama. The tourists are required to have a written permit from the “Colombian Ministry of Ecology” to visit the island. Travelers can hire a car to reach the coast comfortably to visit the island.

Malpelo Island Highlights

If you want to spend your holidays far away from the city noises, Malpelo is the ideal place for you. It is a beautiful island consisting of barren rocks and is bordered by offshore rocks. The island has three peaks. Cerro de la Mona (300 meters) is the highest among them all. The Malpelo Nature Reserve, a flora and fauna sanctuary is also located in the Malpelo Island. This sanctuary boasts of a wide range of mosses, algae, lichens and some uncommon shrubs and ferns.

The island is also famous for its range of shark population. Hundreds of hammerhead sharks and silky sharks can be seen here. Small tooth sand tigers are also seen in the sand beaches of Malpelo. The island is made up of pillow lavas, tertiary basaltic dikes and tertiary basaltic dikes. You can drive across the Pacific coast or the Panama coast and then reach the island by hiring a car from a reputable car rental service.

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